Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Gyula Kulcsár cancer researcher

Dr. Gyula Kulcsár cancer researcher

He was born on the 18th of November 1951, in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. He completed his highschool studies at Winkler Lajos Chemical Engineering Technical College.

In 1979 he graduated as a chemist at József Attila University of Szeged, Faculty of Natural Science.

Between 1979 and 1981 he worked as scientific assistant at the Chemical Institute of the Theoretical Central Laboratory of the Medical University of Pécs. In 1981 he joined the Biochemistry Institute. Between 1981 and 1986 he held lectures in Hungarian, then in 1986 he started to hold his lectures both in Hungarian and English. In 1993 he was appointed senior lecturer.

He got his PhD in 1998. He was co-author of two university lecture notes. Between 1996 and 2005 medical students elected him „Best University Lecturer” for four times. From 2005 he has been the scientific director of the Culevit R&D Programme of Culevit Cancer Research and Drug Developement Ltd.

In 1987 he started his research regarding the anti-tumor defense mechanism of the organism. Based on the results of the discovery and proof of the Natural Anti-tumor Defense patent applications were filed: in 1993 in Hungary, then beginning with 1994 in 18 other countries. Up to this moment the patent has been granted in 17 countries next to the European Patent.

His results were published in 20 international and 9 Hungarian journals, and they were presented at 21 international and 34 Hungarian congresses.

In 1998 he was awarded the “Genius Prize” at the 1 st Inventors’ Olympic Games. In 2000 his patent was selected among the key patents granted by the National Patent Office, and it now ranks with the patents of renowned inventors and researchers such as Tivadar Puskás, Albert Einstein, Leó Szilárd and Albert Szent-Györgyi.

He is a member of the Hungarian Society of Biochemistry, the Hungarian Biology Association, the Hungarian Oncologist Association, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the European Life Scientist Organisation, the International Society for Preventive Oncology and the European Association of Cancer Research.