Natural Anti-Tumor Defense


Dr. Gyula Kulcsar biochemist, former senior lecturer, cancer researcher as a result of years of research made a new scientific discovery regarding the anti-tumour defense of the organism: he discovered that it is not the immune system, but a special defense system that destroys the anomalous cells.He worked out the theory, then with his research begun in 1987 he proved the existence of the Natural Anti-tumour Defense, identified its components and mechanism.

Based upon his research he concluded that the substances always present in the circulatory system of the organism (some amino acids, some vitamins, cell metabolism intermediates, etc.) have decisive significance in the anti-tumour defense. His cell culture and animal tests have proven the selective cancer cell killing effect of the mixture of the active substances that make up the anti-tumour defense system of the organism. His results were published by international scientific journals.

The patent based on Dr. Gyula Kulcsar’s discovery has been registered in many countries of the world, from the EU to Korea. By applying previously discovered scientific facts in a new way Dr. Kulcsar arrived at the conclusion that the anti-tumour defense of the body operates essentially independently of the immune system. His starting point was a known scientific fact that the number of tumours does not increase significantly not even in the case of restricted functioning of the immune system (immunosupression) or total collapse of it (e.g. AIDS)

It is also known that the majority of the tumours are not immunogenic.

Accepting the above mentioned facts and knowing that cancer cells constantly arise in everyone of us, one must assume that an anti-tumour defense mechanism operates in the organism, independently of the immune system. As it must exert its effects in any point of the organism it has to be a surveillance system with overall effectiveness. Logically the active substances of such a system must be located in the circulatory system.

According to Dr. Kulcsar the key to the solution is another fact also known from earlier, notably that healthy cells absorb the substances in the circulatory system only in quantities necessary for sustaining their life functions, while tumour cells accumulate these substances without control or limitations. Therefore, the substances playing a role in the anti-tumour defense are absorbed by tumour cells in such enormous quantities that it leads to the destruction of the abnormal cells.

The joint effect of the substances, namely the active substances of the defense system is called Natural Anti-tumour Defense/NAD. In his cell experiments, the inventor identified the components of the Natural Anti-tumour Defense, namely he had the tumor cells themselves select the effective substances. According to the selection criteria the effective substances were those that destroyed the tumour cells – fortifying each others’ effects synergistically. Dr. Kulcsar examined the 89 substances of the circulatory system, and found that 16 of them were effective in this sense.Within the active substances he identified amino acids with completely different chemical structure (Methionine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Arginine, Histidine, Tyrosine), vitamins (Ascorbic acid, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Biotin), monosaccharides (mannose, deoxy-d-ribose), and inter-cellular intermediaries (malic acid, hippuric acid, orotic acid) and a nucleobase (adenine).

Dr. Kulcsar carried out several experiments with the blend of these active substances.

He found that the anti-tumour-cell effect was due to cell destruction (direct effect) rather than to proliferation blocking (cell division blocking). The blend was effective in all of the very different – more than ten, in most cases human – cell lines he tested (general effect). His blend was capable of destroying the cells that were resistant to cytostatics (i.e. chemotherapy). Furthermore, the blend had no toxic effects on the healthy cells, not even on the rapidly dividing cells (selective effect). To sum up it may be stated that this mix of active substances has direct, general and selective tumour-cell killing effects. Animal experiments performed by dr. Kulcsar have also demonstrated the anti-tumour effect of the blend. Experiments with mice demonstrated significant improvement in survival and reduction in tumour growth. The researcher carried out further cell-experiments to examine the mechanism of the blend’s anti-tumour effect.

He found that cancer cells are destroyed by apoptosis, i.e. programmed cell death. The rate of apoptosis can be increased by raising the quantity of active substances and the duration of their effect. The conclusion to draw from the experimental results is that the stronger the protection (i.e. the greater the concentration of the active substances of the defense system) the faster the cancer cell destruction, in other words the cell destruction rate depends on the concentration of protective substances.