Research and Development

The purpose of the Culevit R&D Programme is to develop, manufacture and distribute the products based on the theory and patent of Dr. Gyula Kulcsar.

By administering the products developed on the basis of the theory and patent, we can introduce more active ingredients in the organism than the usual nutritional amount.

The products have no harmful adverse effects as they consist of the natural ingredients that are present in the organism.

Results of the Culevit Programme

dietary supplements
cosmetic products
dietary food for special medical purposes for cancer patients
medicine R&D

As a result of our R&D activity the Culevit tablets were launched in 1997, the Culevit cream was launched soon after that, in 1999.

After 12 years of distribution of the tablets as dietary supplement, in 2009 the National Institute For Food Safety and Nutrition (OÉTI) has registered the Culevit tablets in a different category: „dietary food for special medical purposes for cancer patients”.

The next few year’s task of the CULEVIT Programme is to develop, register and distribute medical products that can be used in the field of tumourous diseases.

In this way we could administer more active ingredients constantly and free of adverse effects, so the substances of the defense could be kept on an ideal level continuously. As a result, a great number of cancer cells could be destroyed, therefore the treatment of already existing tumours in growth could have success.