3x Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Powder for Oral Solution
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3x Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Tablet (4×210 tablets)

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Food for Special Medical Purposes for Cancer Patients

Product description

What is Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Tablet?

Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Tablet is a unique, scientifically improved, newly patented product for supplementing and supporting conventional oncological therapies. Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Tablet is a Hungarian product manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory in Hungary.

The active components of Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Tablet are all essential, important and natural substances that can also be found in the human body. Continuous consumption of Culevit Forte products ensures the increased intake of these substances.

Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Tablet has no adverse effects and can be taken in combination with any medicine or other complementary health products.

The composition of the Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Tablet is identical to the composition of the Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Powder for Oral Solution.

30 Culevit Forte tablets equal to 1 sachet of Culevit Forte for Cancer Patients Powder for Oral Solution.

Whom and why is Culevit Forte Tablet recommended for?

Culevit Forte tablets are recommended for cancer patients to complement their conventional oncological therapies. (Ie. radiation and chemotherapies).

How and when should the product be administered?

The recommended dose for a cancer patient is 15×2 tablets/day. It should be taken once every hour, evenly distributed throughout the day, from waking up until going to sleep. It is advised to start using the product as soon as there is a real suspicion of a tumourous disease. The tablets should be administered continuously, without interruption before, during and after oncology treatments. As long as the tumour is still detectable, the product should be administered continuously (15 x 2 tablets/day). If the tumour can no longer be traced, it is advised to continue the administration of the tablets: for 6 more months with a required dosage of 15 x 2 tablets/day, then for at least another 6 months with a minimum of 15 x 1 tablet/day.

Why is it important to take Culevit Forte Tablet every hour?

The concentration of the active ingredients of Culevit Forte Tablet will reach its peak in the circulatory system in approximately 1 hour after the consumption and will be discharged gradually hence the concentration returns to the baseline in approx. 2-3 hours. Since the aim is to keep the concentration of the active substances at a consistently high level in the body, the product should be taken hourly. It is not advisable to take Culevit Forte Tablet after bedtime, as the stress of having to wake up every hour throughout the night would deprive the patient of a much needed rest and can cause high level of stress.

When should the administration of the product be avoided?

If you are allergic to any of the active ingredients or excipients you should not consume the product! Patients with phenylketonuria should not administer it because the product contains Phenylalanine. Avoid using the product in case of hyperhomocysteinemia and homocystinuria, because it contains Methionine. Patients with severe liver or kidney disease should consult their physician before taking the product.

How to store the Culevit Forte Tablet?

The product is a yellowish-white tablet, packed in a brown bottle, it should be stored away from light, in a dry place, at room temperature (15–25°C). The tablet is very sensitive to humidity, therefore it can only be stored in its original well-sealed bottle!

Where can Culevit Forte Tablet be purchased?

Culevit Forte Tablet 4×210 can be purchased through our webshop, click here.

Notification number: T/1908/2014

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