Why choose Culevit?

Why should you choose Culevit for Cancer Patients  for supplementing and supporting your conventional oncological therapies?

Because Culevit has been helping cancer patients for over 18 years.

Because of the numerous positive feedback from patients who have been taking Culevit products.

Because it has no side-effects.

Because with Culevit products you can supplement and support your conventional oncological therapies.

Because it can be consumed in combination with other medications.

Because the active components in Culevit products are essential, important and natural substances that can be found in the human body.

Because clinical observations confirm that continuous consumption of Culevit products complementary to radiation and chemotherapy enhances the effectiveness of such treatments.

Because it has a proven scientific background that is acknowledged internationally.

Because the active ingredients of Culevit products have been know to the medical scientific community and there is an extensive literature dealing with their positive effects.

Because we have our own Cancer Research and Drug Development Center and Culevit products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory, in compliance with the quality requirements prescribed for medicines.